Zoe Clifford

Zoe draws, writes poetry, creates collages and zines, and sometimes prints.

In 2018, Zoe took part in the Activate Vamp project, showing

I'm not a vamp zine in the Brentwood Art Trail. Zoe's ongoing project is The History of Hysteree, Zoe exhibited from this project a riso print in the Chelmsford Open Art Exhibition, and a sketchbook in Art and Liberation at the Holy Biscuit, Newcastle.

Zoe is not just concerned with making stuff, but with making art. Zoe has been working in community arts settings since 2008, in London and Essex; working with small groups of older adults and sometimes with individuals who have Visual and Hearing impairments.

Zoe works with a wide range of materials, making and crafting in 2 and 3 dimensions; from sewing or hand quilting, to making clay moulds and paper/fabric mache art pieces. Zoe creates making cards, paper crafts, origami or simple bookbinding projects.

Zoe took part in the Rabbits Road Press Residency in the summer producing a zine Routes to Freedom and Riso printed The History of Hysteree series.





Sun 6th Dec 2015 - drawing the fiddleys

Exhibition for Activate Arts at the United Bretheren pub off moulsham street chelmsford
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