Terri Potter

It's hard to separate art from life. Art is life: a way of living, a way of seeing and a way of understanding. Terri's art often comes about from her journey through life, how we change; mentally and physically, in response to the time that robs us of our youth yet enriches our existence.

The constant thread connecting all Terri's work has always been centred upon life processes and the overwhelming sense of fragility, vulnerability, transience and the impermanence of life through the inevitability of death.

Whereas drawing in its widest sense continues to inform her work, photography and printmaking feature prominently in developmental studies often progressing through wide ranging transformative media and processes. Exploration between the contrasts of form and texture and the alchemy that works between them can create the unexpected: the hard appearing soft; the strong appearing fragile and the enormous power and beauty of life; capable of vanishing in an instant.