Kitty Guthrie Oakley

Kitty Guthrie Oakley's work explores her interest in visual storytelling, and the eccentricities of human nature. With references to popular culture and nonsense, her work is developed in series, often inspired by early children's books or classic novels, or by characters and situations from her childhood in the 50s and 60s.

Kitty gained a degree in Illustration from the University of Brighton, followed, in 2008, by an MA in illustration from the Cambridge School of Art. She draws in her sketchbook daily, either from imagination or life, and these drawings form the starting point for her final pieces of work, which could be paintings, screenprints or collages. She also produces painted papier mache figures and puppets, and handmade one-off, or limited edition books.

 Kitty has space at the Hive Artist Studios in Chelmsford, and teaches art part-time. She exhibits regularly, and has work held by a growing number of galleries.