Jacqui Galise

Jacqui Galise has worked from the theme of Passing Shadows for several years. This theme encompasses visual and poetic inspiration from the First World War and also the visual and emotional effects of natural disasters.

She says "I feel empathy for the young soldiers going to war but also for their families left behind"

She works with a range of media using fabric and thread, printmaking on fabric and papermaking. Much of the planning stages of her work are explored in conventional media: watercolour, acrylic and pastels. She sometimes introduces found objects and relief into her work and has recently begun to use plaster and papier mache.

Lettering has also been used and sometimes poetry will be a starting point for a visual piece.

She has exhibited in London at the Central Hall, Westminster, but now mainly exhibits with the professional art group Activate Arts based in Chelmsford. It is through them that she has shown work in the Chelmsford Arts Trail.